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​Day Spa

Yin Body shop

Healthy Glow Facial

Harness the power of natural botanicals to make your skin shine.



Reacquaint yourself with an old friend or discover a new favorite with our array of featured services administered by our expert (licensed & bonded) staff.

Custom Designed Treatments

​We have all that you need to reconnect you to your authentic self. Take a therapeutic time out with a Massage, Facial, Reiki, Migun, or a combination package.

Unique Spa Boutique

​When you first step through our doors, your senses are filled with aromatherapy, comfort and instant calm.  The healing energy is instantly felt and prepares you for you treatment.

Restore.. Rejuvenate..


Facial, Massage, Migun or Reiki

Deep Tissue Massage

How deep is our massage? As deep as your tissues can take.

Hot Stone Massage

We heat our hand-picked basalt stones to the perfect temperature. 

Cutting-Edge Treatment

We don't restrict you to the classics. Under our roof, Swedish massage cohabitates quite comf​ortably with everything from reiki energy work to chakra balancing.